Dec 23, 2019
Research Study: Changing Classroom Practice: The Evaluation of the School Network Learning Project in Jordan 2015

This research report on the first cohorts of the School Network Learning Project focuses on providing evidence on the positive changes that took place over time in teachers knowledge and practices and in the classroom practice. In addition, it provides evidence on on the transfer of capacity and school willingness to sustain their instructional improvement efforts

Nov 13, 2019
Research Study: Growing School Networks for Instructional Improvement in Jordan 2009-2010

This formative evaluation report provides evidence on the progress of the school networks program after delivery of the first cohorts, and describes the partnership approach between QRTA and Teacher College towards designing and delivering effective professional development through a school network program

Summative Evaluation: Teacher Education Professional Diploma TEPD Cohort 2 Report / 2017-2018

This report presents the findings and results of the Teacher Education Professional Diploma (TEPD) cohort 2, explains the different components of the programme, and inform further development of the diploma through a set of recommendations. Provides key messages on several areas of the TEDP such as: content and organisational changes; school – academy partnership; and M&E procedures