Well being

How can well-being support and enhance learning?


There is no doubt that well-being is the pillar of mental health. It is relevant to how resilient one is, how mature they are, and most importantly, how happy they are. We all know when someone has these features, the pace of learning becomes faster and more engaging than someone who might be weak, frustrated, or sad. Student well-being encompasses the overall health of students, which helps them develop social, mental, physical, and emotional health. Those qualities can reflect on students' learning, how they respond to new input of knowledge, how they engage with that knowledge, and where they can fit that knowledge in their context. These are few benefits, but there are countless benefits that impact students. One is how to help students cope with dilemmas in their lives which can be supported through working on students' well-being. For example, helping students to think positively can improve their psychological well-being that can reflect on increasing and strengthening their resilience.



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