The Queen Rania Teacher Academy Forum 2023

Revitalize the Learning Experience to Reignite Inspiration and Passion


About the Forum

In today's educational landscape, it is disheartening to witness the prevailing notion that learning is boring and students lack motivation. This sentiment reflects a significant gap between what students truly need and what traditional school systems currently offer. As educators and stakeholders, it is crucial to address this disparity and find effective ways to prepare teachers in reigniting the spark of learning within their students.

To bridge the divide between teachers and students, as well as between principals and students, a comprehensive approach is required. QRTA Forum for 2023   aims to explore innovative strategies and initiatives that can narrow this enormous gap and create an environment where students are inspired, engaged, and motivated to learn again.

The primary focus will be on preparing teachers to become catalysts for positive change in the learning environment. By equipping educators with the necessary tools, skills, and methodologies, we aim to empower them to reignite the passion for learning among their students. Furthermore, we will also delve into the crucial role that leaders play in fostering a supportive and conducive learning environment within schools. By doing so, we can create an educational ecosystem that not only meets the needs of today's learners but also inspires them to become lifelong learners.

The forum seeks to empower educators, school principals, and policymakers to collaborate, innovate, and shape the future of learning. By focusing on fostering inspiration, enhancing relevance, promoting collaboration, informing policy, and exploring the future of education, this forum aims to ignite a renewed passion for teaching and learning, ultimately ensuring that students are prepared for success in an ever-changing world.

The forum will delve into various methods and strategies that can revive inspiration in teaching and learning processes. By exploring innovative approaches, participants will be equipped with tools to approach education with renewed enthusiasm, ultimately enhancing the overall learning experience.


Specifically, the objectives of the Forum are: 

  • Foster Inspiration: The forum will delve into methods to reignite inspiration among educators and students, enabling them to approach teaching and learning with renewed enthusiasm and passion.
  • Enhance Relevance: The forum will explore how to make learning more relevant by adapting curricula, incorporating real-world applications, and embracing emerging technologies that align with the evolving needs of students and society.
  • Promote Evidence-based Practices: The forum will highlight the importance of collaborative efforts and the implementation of evidence-based practices to transform learning to a more joyful experience and provide students with the engaging and empowering learning experiences they deserve.

Themes of the Forum

Empowering educators: Addressing strategies for professional development, mentoring programs, and support systems that empower teachers to revitalize their teaching practices and stay inspired.

Creating an inclusive environment for all learners: Discussing student-centered approaches that prioritize individual needs, interests, and diverse learning styles, fostering a more inclusive and engaging learning environment.

Partnerships and Community Engagement: Exploring the importance of building partnerships and engaging different stakeholders to improve the learning experience.

Future of Education: The forum will explore the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in education and how it is shaping the future of learning. As well as the effective integration of technology tools and digital resources to enhance learning outcomes and engage students in meaningful ways. It will discuss the potential of AI technologies, such as adaptive learning platforms and intelligent tutoring systems, and their impact on personalized learning experiences, student assessment, and the role of educators.

Date and Time

21 October 2023- Saturday

(Teachers 2 Teachers (T2T) workshops) 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Jordan time) 


22 October 2023 Sunday

4:00 PM – 7:30 PM (Jordan time) 

Format and Activities

The forum will include keynote speeches, panel discussions, and interactive workshops. Keynote speakers will share their expertise and insights on revitalizing the learning experience, while panel discussions will allow for in-depth exploration of key topics. Interactive workshops will provide practical strategies and tools for implementation from renowned educators.

Two-day online forum  

  • Day One: (T2T full-day workshops)
  • A series of interactive workshops on best practices regarding reigniting learning. Call for proposals will be open to all educators.
  • Day Two: 
  • Opening session to include keynote speakers and panel discussions for educators, leaders, and policymakers to address the objectives and provide recommendations.


Target Audience

The forum is designed for teachers, school principals, and policymakers from diverse educational settings.

Expected Outcomes

  • An increased awareness of innovative practices and approaches to revitalize the learning experience.
  • Enhanced ideas of collaboration among stakeholders to promote innovative and relevant teaching and learning practices.
  • The development of a resource repository with practical strategies and tools for implementation.
  • Policy recommendations to support and promote innovative teaching and learning practices.

The Forum is organized by the Queen Rania Teacher Academy. 

Agenda Day 1:

Agenda Day 2:


Registration Day 2: