The Queen Rania Teacher Academy Forum 2022

Building forward Better: Transforming schools of today


About the Forum

A leading forum set to spotlight transformations in schools




The future we aspire for requires much from education systems, particularly schools. Attention to inclusiveness, differentiation in teaching and learning, wellbeing, technology, innovation, and globally high expectations are necessary to prepare our children for an ever-evolving future. Recognizing the nature of this changing world is key to examining the current context in which we live and the major changes to be expected in the future that should inform how we view education today. 

The QRTA’s forum stems from a simple idea: tackling school transformations at the grassroots level and in classrooms, curricula, policies, students, teachers, and leaders. It is a platform for educators to explore, learn, and share experiences with some of the world’s most renowned educators and scholars. 

In a global society with rapid technological and socio-economic advancements, the future belongs to those who are truly capable of adapting to new variables and circumstances. Our schools, classrooms, teachers, and curricula must create engaging environments that encourage collaboration, perseverance, and autonomy. The forum will address how to equip the next generation with the knowledge and skills needed to independently adapt to and make the most out of changes, as well as how to empower them to effect positive change and innovate for a better future. 

The past two years offered the education community a time to learn, reflect, and transform. There were lessons for policymakers in every country regarding the resilience of their education system and its ability to adapt to ensure a continuous learning process. The experience of distance learning further provided a positive opportunity for learning about pedagogical effectiveness and the potential of technology to help teachers and school students. These learnings are of great value, leading to change and transformation in many aspects - such as pedagogical approaches, teacher support, promotion of safeguarding and wellbeing, transformational leadership, curation of learning resources, and effective use of technology.  

This context makes it essential for key stakeholders in the education process – policymakers, teachers, and school principals – to determine what changes in teaching and learning are more impactful and relative to what had been expected, so they can adjust instruction and allocate resources accordingly to build on successes. 


The Forum will address how to accelerate the shift from the current school systems to a new learning system through successful practices and recommendations involving key transformation factors - such as human capacity, resources, leadership, and policy. An essential objective is to understand what such a transformation should look like, recognize the challenges and gaps in the current school systems, and take steps to advance the cause of a learning system that functions at all levels. Specifically, the objectives of the Forum are:

  • Equip educators with the tools needed to accelerate a shift from our current schools to a new learning system aiming to make lasting changes
  • Provide perspectives, success stories, and recommendations from the field to reconsider attainable new directions in education
  • Identify the new roles of different stakeholders when considering a transformation of purpose and practice of education


Date and Time


22 October (Pre Forum Workshops)

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Jordan time)

23 and 24 October

4:00 PM – 7:30 PM (Jordan time)



Three-day online forum

  • Pre Forum Full-Day Workshops
    • A series of interactive workshops on best practices regarding education transformation.
  • Day One:
    • Opening session to include keynote speakers and panel discussions for leaders and policymakers to address the objectives and provide recommendations.
  • Day Two:
    • A series of sessions/discussion panels covering the objectives.



The Forum is primarily directed to teachers, school leaders, and education policymakers, in addition to parents and students.


The Forum is organized by the Queen Rania Teacher Academy. 


Forum Agenda:

Pre Forum Workshops Agenda: