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Apr 27, 2020

Full story to feature The Environment Program

We got very lucky when we chose the Education for Environmental Sustainability Program, given its importance in changing the existing passive and dismissive approach towards thinking of environmental sustainability into a proactive and positive one.  It is a means to add value to our surroundings  involving protection, beautification, cleanliness, health, awareness and education.


Through this program we can create a generation that is eager and able to handle global environmental problems and become advocates for environmental protection .



At Deir Ala’a Secondary School for Boys we were able to achieve many success stories in our beloved school. We instilled in our students the love of voluntary work, pride in their school and appreciation for  the importance of protecting property by asking them to bring plants from their homes  create a green area at school which they further personalized with meaningful murals.


Another example of inspiring culturally responsible actions is when  Amjad Al Kassab, a member of the network, made seats using car tires and  the students transferred this idea of recycling to their homes and practiced it in their communities.


In fact we were stunned by the participation of the local community and public and private organizations to enhance the capacity of the water pipe for irrigation purposes, and the equipping of the school garden. This kind of cooperation is one of the objectives of the Environmental Project. As evidence of our success  our school was chosen by the Department of Activities to conduct educational activities in the community after they were impressed by the work done at school. .


The Teachers of the Education For Environmental Sustainability Program in Deir Ala’a Secondary School for Boys

Coordinator: Allaeddine Al Gharagheer


Amjad al Kassab

Ameen Al Naeem

The Principal: Ayman Al Ghanem


3 years ago