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The Queen Rania Teacher Academy aspires to equip every educator in Jordan and the Arab World with the skills needed to empower a generation of creative, conscientious citizens of the 21st century.


Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA) is an independent non-profit organization committed to the vision of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of empowering educators with the skills, recognition, and support necessary to excel in their classrooms.  Since it was launched in 2009 in partnership with the Ministry of Education, QRTA offers professional development programs for teachers in accordance with the educational needs in Jordan and the Arab World.



QRTA aims to lead the advancement in the quality of teaching and the promotion of excellence in education in Jordan, and the region. We are guided by an ambitious vision that we aspire to significantly contribute to through mobilizing QRTA’s intellectual resources to maintain high standards in developing training programs. QRTA simply believes that every educator should be given the skills, recognition and support to excel.


QRTA’s mission is to enable every educator to positively influence the future generation of Jordan and the Arab World by spearheading teacher professional development.

Experience and Adaptability

Since its inception, QRTA has invested heavily in strategic partnerships with world renowned academic institutions and was able to draw on such partnerships to build capacity and raise the knowledge of an experienced team of academic experts. The team of experts at QRTA is able now to develop educational professional development programs that are designed according to world trends and best practices. These programs cater for educators at various levels of their career, and across different subject specific specialties.