Nov 23, 2023

Workshop on Teaching Arabic: Titled "Differentiation" conducted at the American School in Bahrain by the Arabic Language Team from QRTA

Bahrain - The Queen Rania Teacher Academy organized a training workshop titled "Differentiation in Teaching Arabic". The workshop targeted a group of Arabic language teachers across all educational levels, as well as educational supervisors, during the month of November at the American School in Bahrain. This collaboration marks the first of its kind between the academy and the school in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The workshop aims to familiarize participants with the concept of differentiation and its importance in the context of teaching the Arabic language. It empowers teachers to design diverse learning activities and instructional tasks that cater to the needs of students in the classroom, considering their varying abilities, readiness levels, and preferences. This pedagogical approach enables educators to achieve desired learning outcomes for each student within the classroom setting.