Dec 17, 2023

Title: A cohort of government school teachers has successfully concluded their training through the Queen Rania Teacher Academy, marking another milestone in the continuous collaboration with Arab Bank across the central and northern regions.

QRTA - Teach Like a Champion Program - In 2023, the Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA) achieved a significant milestone by successfully training 214 teachers across seven directorates: Al-Deeban, Al-Muwaqqar, North Badia, Al-Mafraq, Zarqa, Taybeh, Al-Wasatiyya, and Madaba. This accomplishment strongly aligns with the vision of QRTA and highlights the shared commitment to the community mission of Arab Bank.

"Check for Understanding" (CFU), with techniques presented in a practical, tangible, and everyday guidance format. This module emphasizes the teacher's crucial task of discerning between "I taught it" and "they learned it."

Arab Bank continues its collaboration with Queen Rania Teacher Academy by supporting its programs to develop teachers' skills and provide them with the necessary knowledge and support to improve the quality of education and the effectiveness of teachers in classrooms, recognizing their fundamental role in community building. The bank has contributed to the training of over 1200 teachers from all regions of the kingdom.

This continuous collaboration, spanning seven years, is part of Arab Bank's support for the "Teach Like a Champion" program, covering various topics such as ensuring student understanding and comprehension, Academic Ethos, participation ratio, critical thinking in the classroom, the five principles of classroom culture, and virtual class management. The outcomes demonstrate the program's success in accomplishing its goals by enhancing the knowledge and skills of the trainees. Furthermore, it has positively influenced the classroom culture of teachers, empowering them to manage classes more effectively both academically and behaviorally.


The sustainability of the impact was evident in the results, showing that the program was capable of making a significant difference in the classroom management skills of the trainees in a sustainable and long-term manner, reaching over 7,000 teachers since its inception.

Established in 2009, and in line with Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah’s vision, QRTA is a non-profit organization committed to supporting and empowering educators with the skills needed to nurture and lead future generations. QRTA offers innovative and evidence-based professional development programs informed by international best practices and the latest research in the field. Since its inception, QRTA has provided teachers and school leaders with professional learning opportunities and over 100,000 professional development opportunities across its various programs.