Apr 28, 2020

The Advanced Instructional Leadership Professional Diploma team hosted four Principals in an online session

As part of The Advanced Instructional Leadership Professional Diploma media coverage, the team hosted four School Principals enrolled in the program’s fifth cohort under the support of Jack Ma Foundation in an interactive session that was attended by Dr. Sana Riyahi AILPD Program Lead and AILPD training specialist Tahani Awad who moderated the session.

The four Principals who attended the session were Sahar Fayad, principal of Tila Al-Ali Elementary School for Boys from Al Jamaeh directorate, school principal Enas Al-Mutalaqa, principal of the Basic School of Hofa from Al-Taibah and Al-Wasatia directorate, and the school principal, Sufyan Al-Bishtawi, principal of the Zabdet Farkouh Elementary School for Boys from the Kasbah of Irbid, and the school principal Khaled Qteishat, principal of Al-Qadisiya Secondary School for Boys from Liwa Insight in Tafila.

The session shared the most important practices and applications that these principals worked on to make distance learning a successful process during the current crisis and also shared valuable ideas in hope of reaching many educators and spread awareness as part of their social responsibility.


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