Oct 10, 2017

Queen Rania Teacher Academy to launch second edition of "Teach Like a Champion" in Arabic

Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA) hosted Doug Lemov, author of the bestselling "Teach Like a Champion", in a dedicated training with QRTA academic staff to prepare for the launch of a second series of training seminars and tools from the book "Teach Like a Champion" in Arabic.

The best-selling author also spoke to principals and supervisors from various schools in a special seminar about the 62 techniques he offers in his books and training sessions. "Teach Like a Champion" techniques help teachers in advancing their students’ behavioral and academic expectations.

"We launched the first book five years ago, and trained 3,000 teachers from Jordan and other Arab countries. Today we are preparing ourselves to launch the second the second edition.", said QRTA CEO, Haif Bannayan. Mr. Bannayan also said the academy continues to work with its experienced staff to provide teachers with all that is new for developing their skills in teaching. "We found great interest from private and public schools in Teach Like a Champion book and training workshops. When Lemov launched his second book we invited him to QRTA to meet our staff and work together to launch it in Arabic."

QRTA has secured the rights to translate into Arabic and publish "Teach Like a Champion" books, in addition to developing a series of training workshops and tools for public and private school teachers. The Academy is currently working to launch in 2018, the second edition of "Teach Like a Champion" in Arabic with a set of tools and workshops for teachers. Since 2012 QRTA has provided "Teach Like a Champion" training workshops for over 2,000 teachers in Jordan, and to another 1,000 teachers in Palestine, Kuwait, U.A.E, Oman, and Sudan.

QRTA is an independent non-profit organization committed to the vision of HM Queen Rania Al Abdullah of empowering educators with the skills, recognition, and support necessary to excel in their classrooms. Since it was launched in 2009 in partnership with the Ministry of Education, QRTA offers other training programs for teachers in accordance with the educational needs in Jordan and the Arab World and has trained almost 50,000 teachers across Jordan.