Feb 20, 2020

Queen Rania Teacher Academy graduates 116 principals under the Education for Environment Sustainability program

Queen Raina Teacher Academy has organized a graduation event for 116 teachers form Zarqa 2 and Mafraq who have completed the “Education for Environment Sustainability “ program.

 The program covered 33 public schools in two directorates during the scholastic year 2019-2020. This project was funded by the Jordan Envirofund – Ministry of Environment in cooperation with Global Affairs Canada and the Ministry of Education.

 Participants were trained during the program on strategies and methods of teaching that motivates students’ participation in the classroom, and methods of raising environmental awareness among student to help in changing their attitudes and behaviours towards the environment to protect the environment resources.

 All participated schools implemented school-based projects, such as environmental waiting room, traffic environmental park, educational parks. The 33 schools established and activated environmental clubs through which the students practised many environmental activities such as morning assemblies, lectures form varied of the organization including the rangers and environmental societies, some schools cooperated with initiatives to collect papers and send to recycling.