Jan 23, 2023

Queen Rania Teacher Academy Concludes the Professional Development Journey of 25 Teachers from Ethos International School from Egypt

QRTA - Based on the Academy's role in meeting the urgent need of the educational field in building teachers' cognitive capacities and their applied practices in effective teaching in Jordan and the Arab region, the academic team at Queen Rania Teacher Academy completed the professional development journey for 25 teachers from Ethos International School from the brotherly State of Egypt, for the "Principles and Applications of Teaching" program, and the program targeted teachers from the disciplines of Arabic language and Islamic studies, and the training lasted for three months through distance learning using the Academy’s electronic platform which is characterized by the application of strategies that enable participants to review and reflect on their own practices, with the aim of enabling them to continue in sustainable professional development after completing the training, through an interactive learning experience in which participants interact with their peers and trainers and the content of the training program within direct interactive meetings and indirect individual and group learning tasks that increase the participants' ability to actually apply in the classroom environment.

The training program dealt with many learning objectives that helped to provide participants with the skills of building an effective classroom culture, active and differentiated learning skills, building the participants' ability to apply methods that help them access psychosocial culture and supportive communication for students, employing educational technology to achieve learning goals effectively, and the skill of planning for teaching.

Established in 2009, Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA) is a non-profit organization committed to the vision of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of supporting and empowering educators with the skills to become creative and diligent professionals, who are well-equipped to nurture and lead future generations.

QRTA offers innovative and evidence-based professional development programs informed by international best practices and the latest research in the field. Since its inception, QRTA has provided professional learning opportunities for teachers and school leaders, with an outreach of over 100,000 professional development opportunities across its various programs.