Apr 21, 2020

8th grade students Rahma Al-Omari and Eman Al-Omari from Maymona bint Al-Harith School


8th grade students Rahma Ibraheem Al-Omari and Eman Ibraheem Al-Omari from Maymona bint Al-Harith School, Hakama, Irbid Directorate show us an innovative project they applied with fellow colleagues on recycling and reusing materials.


The project is a part of the etwening program "3D Classroom" and implemented with their teacher Areeg Mdalal and under the direct supervision of the school principal Maram Jaradat who is a graduate of the Advanced Instructional Leadership Professional Diploma at Queen Rania Teacher Academy.



The Advanced Instructional Leadership Professional Diploma (AILPD) was launched in May 2016 in collaboration with the University of Jordan and based on the professional development curriculum in cooperation with the University of Connecticut (UCONN). The Diploma concentrates on developing the knowledge and skills of education leaders to connect educational theory to practice. Geared to create a positive school culture and enhance classroom practices, the twenty-four-credit hour Diploma program provides principals with tools that enable them to systematize decision-making procedures, which ensures effectiveness within the school environment.

The Diploma is based on the Public Education Leadership Project (PELP) originated in 2003 at Harvard University through a joint effort from the Business and Education schools.


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