Sep 1, 2022

Basic Reading skills

QRTA - Arabic Program - The Arabic language team conducted a training course titled “Story Reading” as part of its professional development programs. This course is the basis of the Arabic language reading courses which are directed to different literary genres. It aims to help teachers develop students’ 21st century skills, and enable them to reproduce knowledge with understanding, and awareness. It equips teachers with strategies that help them introduce their students to the world of reading to become, successful readers. During this course, teachers work on improving their reading fluency, comprehension, and critical reading skills. In addition, they are provided with teaching strategies to transfer those skills to their students.

Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA) continues its training programs for 2022 in cooperation with the Jordanian Ministry of Education and with the support of the Canadian government, implementing pedagogy programs for numerous majors – namely Arabic, Science, English, Social Studies, and Math – as well as the Innovation in Education Program, Advanced Instructional Leadership Professional Diploma (AILPD), and Teacher Education Professional Diploma (TEPD).

The Arabic Language Program offers specialized workshops in capacity building and developing the proficiencies of Arabic teachers in instilling reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills for grades (4-10). The program modules were designed per the latest international strategies in teaching reading and writing skills - in cooperation with the University of Colombia and regional and local programs. The Arabic Language Program comprises five modules that ultimately equip teachers with the competencies of a successful reader, thinker, creative writer, and adept communicator, enabling them to transfer those skills to their students in class. The program, which aims to build teachers’ capacities in all language skills inside and outside the classroom, targets the directorates of education in Ramtha, Southern Badia, Giza, and Rusayfah.