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Subject: Math

Audience: Math Teachers

Grade Level: G4-10

Language of Institute: Arabic

Institute Title: Fractions, Decimals & Percentages: A New Approach


Synopsis: This PLI focuses on introducing the different instructional strategies used when teaching fractions, decimals and percentages to students; What they are? Why they are important? and the best methods to introduce during teaching. The PLI is built on a model that intertwines content, instructional strategies, formative assessment, and mathematics education research on how students learn complex mathematical concepts. The session will introduce teachers to the common errors students make, the pre-conceptions and misconceptions that hinder students’ ability to learn the concepts and solve related problems. The PLI highlights how these strategies can be applied by teachers when working with students.



Subject: Interactive Pedagogies

Audience: All Teachers

Grade Level: All Levels

Language of Institute: Arabic

Institute Title: Teach Like a Champion


Synopsis: The topic of this PLI is designed to provide the basis for creating a powerful learning environment that helps educators improve their teaching techniques dramatically. Based on the influential teaching guide, “Teach like a Champion” by Doug Lemov, the institute will present key strategies from the book focusing on the major approaches to effective pedagogical practices. The techniques presented are designed to help teachers’ master foundational skills in teaching and classroom management. Teachers will enhance their understanding and utilization of those skills in an efficient and effective manner that will positively affect students, both academically and behaviorally.



Subject: Science

Audience: Science Teachers

Grade Level: G4-10

Language of Institute: Arabic

Institute Title: Enhancing Students’ Learning: From Knowledge to Practice



This PLI tackles the misconceptions on the nature of scientific inquiry and the inappropriate impression that science is simply a body of isolated facts alone.  Participants will explore the nature of scientific inquiry and demonstrate how it is aligned with a principle goal of science education, namely that of cultivating scientific habits of mind among students. This session will guide teachers in developing their capability to engage in scientific inquiry that incorporates science practices, and teach them how to reason in a scientific context.



Subject: English / Writing

Audience: English Language Teachers

Grade Level: G4-10

Language of Institute: English

Institute Title: My Story, My Life: Empowering Students through Personal Narrative Writing


Synopsis:  This PLI focuses on the genre of “personal narrative writing” to develop writing skills and competencies in both teachers and students. The PLI is participatory in its approach in that it encourages teachers and students to observe the world around them and write stories about special moments in their lives. Based on the model founded by the Reading and Writing Project of Columbia University, the methodology applied during this institute is geared towards developing writing skills and competencies that will transform students into independent and creative writers. The personal narrative writing experience will bring value to students’ everyday experiences through their writing. The PLI is designed to encourage active engagement of participants throughout the session to develop teachers’ personal style of writing to apply with their students in the classroom.



Subject: Arabic

Audience: Arabic Language Teachers

Grade Level: G4-10

Language of Institute: Arabic

Institute Title: في حياتك ما يستحق المشاركة.... تعليم كتابة القصة الشخصية


Institute Synopsis:

وصف الورشة:  يُمَكِّنُ هذا المساق المشاركين من إدخال طلبتهم إلى عالم الكتابة الإبداعية، حيث يُعلّم محتوى هذا المساق الطلبة استراتيجيات محددة ومباشرة وواعية تُعينُهم على امتلاك زمامِ المبادرة بالكتابة المستقلة كقاصّين صغار انطلاقًا من  لحظات ومحطات خاصة في حياتهم يرون أنّها تستحق الكتابة عنها ولأجلها وبإلهام منها لما تركت فيهم من أثر؛ إذ تُشَكِّلُ الرافد الحقيقي لإيمانهم بذواتهم ككتّاب يملكون تجربة حقيقية تستحق الكتابة عنها. فيهبّون بحماس ليكونوا كتابا حقيقيين؛ وذلك بجمع أفكارهم ومادة كتاباتهم الأولية وأفكارهم من تجاربهم الشخصية واللحظات الحقيقية من حياتهم  الخاصة، ثمَّ يعملون على تطوير هذه القصص الشخصية من خلال استراتيجيات تخطيط وكتابة مسودة ومراجعة وتحرير ونشر ومن ثم الاحتفال بأجمل كتاباتهم مع مجتمع الكًتًاب الصفي.





Rates: 220JD / per Course

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