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The Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA) is launching the Kingdom’s first Initial Teacher Education Diploma (ITED), preparing future educators to treat classrooms as more than mere space, but as the birthplaces of innovation, leadership, intellectual curiosity, and civic participation among Jordanian youth. The launch of QRTA’s 10-month pre-service professional diploma will be a historical turning point for Jordanian teachers, as well as education policy in Jordan.


The education sector is witnessing, for the first time, a shift in teacher recruitment policy from a system that rewards seniority of the applicant to one that recognizes merit and passion for the teaching profession. Aspiring teachers will now have the opportunity to learn, practice, refine, and add personal flavor to their teaching before being tried and tested on the field where the greatest risk lies not in a failing grade but in a much more sensitive area: students’ learning experiences.


QRTA’s ITE has partnered with University College London’s (UCL) Institute of Education and the Jordanian Ministry of Education for the purpose of launching and graduating up to 5000-7000 Teacher Students in the next 5 years, providing a rigorous curriculum for learning, teaching, and the construction of knowledge in the field of education. Through the institute’s blended learning approach, utilizing both sophisticated technology and international research, Student Teachers will have the opportunity to engage in dialogue with great thinkers in education, as well as flourish within a community of shared practice, experience, and passion for the art of teaching.


The vision is not only to create and sustain a pipeline of highly qualified and motivated teachers in Jordan, but to extend support to regional partners whose commitment to quality education aligns with our own. QRTA’s ITED will serve as a hub for aspiring teaching in the Arab world, bringing together not merely diversity in nationality and culture, but diversity in imagination and vision for the future of learning.

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